Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ahhh Sometimes I love CL. Worst of craigslist # 10

So I am at work be bored, and started looking at CL. This is just a little bit of stuff I thought was funny. We'll start with some ranting and raving.

I used to ride a bike when I was 15 and couldn't drive a damn car. (jhmember)

Reply to: pers-925079727@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-11-18, 10:59PM CST

"People who ride bikes are pussies.Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France 7 times.The only reason Lance has won this race so many times, is because anyone who is badass enough LIKE ME !!! wouldn't ride a bike. so basically he is racing against a bunch of tools who couldn't play any other sport. If I wasn't lazy I could ride a bike around too. The fact is, that is stupid. When I drive by bike riders I always beep my horn then swerve in an attempt to scare the shit out of them. Just so I can watch in my rear view mirror as they flip over the top of their bike . Then I laugh and laugh"./span>

So I seem to start hating people more and more each day, but it was met with this response. I thought that it was very fitting.

re: I used to ride a bike when I was 15 and couldn't drive a damn car.

Reply to: pers-925100893@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-11-18, 11:32PM CST

Yeah, backass, meth-making, truck driving, Pabst Blue Ribbon drinking, wife beating, 8th-grade-educated, trailer-park-living, KKK rally attending, assjack, tardmonkey, cock knob, fuckrags like you love to watch NASCAR. Sure, NASCAR's got big-ass engines, noise, and lots o’ car crashes and flames and shit, which is manly. But they also got names of dishwashing soap on their cars. I’m surprised they don’t advertise feminine hygiene products on their racing uniforms. Besides, sitting on your ass all afternoon warchin’ cars drive by ain’t a sport. That’s called being a parking lot attendant.

You call Lance Armstrong a pussy, but at least he busted half a nut in Sheryl Crow's shapely ass.

So, hop back into your oversized small-penis overcompensating giant truck equipped with Gun Rack, 4-Wheel Drive, Confederate Flag, Toothpick Holder, 8-Track, Load of Wood, Hijacker Shocks, Mud-grip Tires, Racoon Hide seats, Dual CB Antenna, Fuzz Buster, Spitoon, Camper Top, Mag Wheels, Air Horns, Mud Flaps w/women on them, and Curb Feelers, and mosey on back to your double-wide Jethro.

Now onto some pictures....YAY!!!

Tour de France Race Bike!!! - $200 (S. Austin)

Reply to: sale-960262999@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-16, 12:44PM CST

This is a sweet vintage road bike. It is a Cierra - from what I know the frames were manufactured in Korea for a company in Wisconsin - The bike has the bigger 27" wheels, but has spacing that would accomodate 700c rims. Frame is free of dents but there are several scratches. I just put new tires on it and it is ready to ride. Rides smooth and shifts well. Excellent starter road bike or commuter. Please call Jody, 903-253-****.

I love how this bike is called a "Tour de France" bike. Maybe if it was 1972. I mean don't get me wrong, looks like it "might" be a decent bike, but then again..... it was made in Korea. I love that people try and take advantage of people. Love it.

grey fixed gear - $250 (central)

Reply to: sale-959605553@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-15, 9:34PM CST

like new condition fixed gear bike...
i believe its 52cm...im 5'6" and it was perfect.
has a front brake, bullhorn handlebars, no flip flop hub.
no major scratches or dents.
very lightweight.

photo is a stock photo...my camera is broken :(

My biggest issue with this bike is that you can go to bikesdirect.com and purchase your exact size and get it shipped for free. Now if that is your size good deal for you, but just do a little research. I have said that time and time again. Just FYI, if you are new into the "fixie" scene, this might be a "alright" bike, but if you want a solid bike, look into something else.

Electric Bike - CHARGER - $800 (West Austin)

Reply to: sale-958919628@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-15, 1:05PM CST

The Charger is perhaps the most advanced vehicle ever designed for personal use! Both the electronic and mechanical control you have, make this bike the greatest!

The Shimano 7 speed internal hub transmission, activated by the Revo twist shifter...gives you a wide range of gears, to further let you choose how much (or little) you wish to struggle! Try down-shifting at a stop sign on any other e-bike...or pedaling in any gear with no motor drag whatsoever!

This bike is a collectors item aswell, only 1000 or so were made. This bike has been sitting in the crate in my garage for years and just now assembled. Brand new batteries were installed. This bike is a blast to ride . To charge you just plug it in the wall. You can also use the bike without the battery pack. The frame is made by GT bikes.


AWESOME!!! I thought the point in riding around on a bicycle is to actually ride and get some what of a work out. If you want a motorized bike, get a fucking scooter.

fixed gear - $400 (south austin)

Reply to: sale-958681891@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-12-15, 10:47AM CST

my fixie from the good old days. i'm a little more into brakes thies days, cant tell you frame size i'm 5'11 though. 48:16, shogun frame. this is an old bike. come ride you'll like it.

YES!!!! Shitty fixed gear conversion for only 400 bucks!!! AWESOME!!

Alright, I am already tired of looking at shitastic bikes and need to get back to work.

til next time


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