Tuesday, December 9, 2008

so I finally relieved some stress!!!

some things have gone sour at work, so I took today and tomorrow off. I need to use up some vacation days before the end of the year, and since I now have to work on my birthday (thats what went sour), what better days to take off than the middle of the week?

I decided to ride my bike (since I haven't ridden my new geared bike any reasonable distance since I've had it - and I have the day off), so I rode up to Les' work. He works off 183 near Oak Knoll, and I live relatively central Austin. Needless to say, my route was 18 miles to his work, and 18 miles back... =) I did some extra riding around (to Chik-fil-A and whatnot to get us lunch) and all in all, my ride ended up to be just under 40 miles.

I'm very very very excited that I had the day off to ride my bike, and even more excited because so much of my stress from not riding my bike has drifted away.

lovelovelove my bike and my boyfriend.

good luck on your exam today!

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