Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st

So we are in December now. I have been looking forward to the cooler weather, but it seems now my knee will start acting up because of the plate and screws that I have in it. So I am going to be one of those old men that can tell when bad weather is a brewing, because I am going to feel it, before it hits.

So just to give you another update, the Snot and Tears alleycat is still going down. It sounds fun as shit. I hope I don't have to work. I'd like to just hang out and see what goes down.

"10 dollar race entry fee
lots of prizes
wheelset,frame,bars,grips,bag,pads etc.etc..
food and beer
after race party/jam/competition/debauchery
all for ten bucks !
first 10 racers signed up get free "KNOG" lights
its gonna be dark so bring lights,and youll need a camera, any bike will work
and there will be a magical floating bonus checkpoint worth 50 bucks"

I'll also keep you up to date on the cross alleycat's the Mr. Skwidvicious is putting on. They sound like a fucking blast! I am going to try and be one of the checkpoints next race, so I'll post something as soon as I find out when it is.

gotta get back to work,

til next time


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