Monday, November 3, 2008

update on accident and somethings that pissed me off

So I went to the doctors office today for my first check up. They took x-rays of my knee and told me that I was healing up very well. With that being said, they removed the stitches in my arm and the stitches in my leg. I will post pictures later today when I upload them to the computer. I also talked to him about when I could go back to work, and doing physical therapy. I talked to my manager at apple the other day and he told me that there is only one training class open next month, which it starts on the 17th. So I asked my doctor if I was going to be able to be back at work by then, and he said as long as I am not putting any weight on the leg. I told him hell I don't want to put any weight on it because it already hurts like hell, so I don't want to do anything to make it hurt more. I will also start physical therapy soon. I want to get a it started before I go back to work, but at the same time, I want to be able to go up and down stairs without it taking so much out of me. I guess if I actually do the therapy, it will make it easier on me.

So onto something else. The other day I was looking at ATXBS and saw that Jason had posted this up,BE A BIKE GOD: Join the Bicycle Advisory Committee. I told Jenn she should do it. I was kind of joking, but she was all about it. So she sent an email saying,

I was hoping you could give me more information about the 2 positions
open on the Bicycle Advisory Council. I commute by bicycle to/from work
every day and have tons of input for the city. Six months ago, my
boyfriend was hit by a van who made a right hand turn in front of him
and ended up with a broken back. Last week, again, my boyfriend was hit
by an SUV trying to make it to the intersection first and now has a
broken leg. After experiencing what bicycle/car accidents destroy first
hand, I'm determined to help cyclists' safety become a reality, educate
both drivers and cyclists of laws and behaviors, and promote a
bike-friendly city.

After all of this tragedy, I am still on my bike because I believe a
bike-friendly Austin will be achieved. I would be honored to help
catalyze the change.

Please forward me information about the positions available on the
Bicycle Advisory Council.

Jennifer Grayson

I thought that it was written very well, and shows general interest in being apart of something.

This is the response that Jenn got back,

Sounds like you guys need a bicycle safety course. I would recommend
the ACA's Road I or Bicycling 101.

The class teaches you to DRIVE your bicycle defensively.

The attached By-laws explain the role the BAC plays. Please return the
application by November 19th.

Really??? When I saw this it threw me off. I kid you not. This is the message she got back. I couldn't believe how cold and insensitive that email was. I have been riding a bicycle for at least twenty plus years, off and on. The past five to seven years have been some of my favorite years for riding. In these years, I have learned to ride with traffic and ride very defensively. I pay attention to everything that is going on on the road. I don't listen to my ipod, I wear a helmet, I have reflective material on my bike, wheels,bag and even my helmet. I also have a front and back light. I follow the rules of the road and stop at lights and yield to cars when I am supposed to, and generally a safe rider. This lady had the audacity to insult me by saying that I need to take a class, because I have been hit by a vehicle twice in the past 6 months. She doesn't know who I am or how I ride, so I took a lot of offense to her statement. Jenn obviosuly forwarded the email to me. Later in the afternoon she (Jenn) received another email from her.

Ms. Grayson,
I have been thinking of my response I sent earlier all day, and I hope I
did not offend you. It seems as though your boyfriend has had some
horrible luck and I apologize to my insensitivity to the issue.

I do, however, believe in Effective Cycling and have not been in one
accident in the 7+ years I've been commuting by bicycle. I really do
recommend the bicycle safety course. I know you may think that it is a
waste of money, but everyone I've talked to that has taken the class has
learned something.

This made Jenn feel a little better, this is her response back.

Thanks for emailing me back. I was shocked by your response, to be
honest. It came off as if you were implying the accidents were somehow
negligence on my boyfriends part or they could have been avoided by
safer cycling. I do agree they could have been avoided, but I also
believe my boyfriend did everything in his power to prevent both
tragedies. One of the reasons I would like to be a part of the BAC is to
not only educate cyclists of safer practices but the drivers who do not
acknowledge us or our rights.

I accept your apology and will look into the Effective Cycling course.
I'm all about being proactive and committing to being the change you
want to see in the world. You have been blessed that in the 7+ years of
riding, you've never been involved in an accident. I, too, have not been
involved in an accident yet, for which I am thankful.

These past 6 months have been extremely difficult for the both of us.

Thank you again for your apology. It means a lot.


Jennifer Grayson

I still am at a loss as to how I should feel about this. I still want Jenn to be a part of the BAC, but what does that say about some of the current members if they right off the bat judge someone, and think they need a lesson on how to ride a bike with traffic. I'm not saying that the course wouldn't have anything to offer me, I'm just saying, I have been commuting by bicycle for almost as long as her, and never been seriously hurt until seven months ago.

I just think if you are going to post something in the chronicle and elsewhere about having positions open, then you should maybe be a little more sympathetic when someone is asking what they need to do and giving a little background info on why they want to be a pert of it. Hey this is just one man's opinion though.

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