Saturday, November 15, 2008

MS 150...Tandem or Solo

So as you know I will be riding in the MS 150. Well, I might not be 100% to ride because of the accident, and the registration cannot be transferred to someone else. Apparently it is not a "rare enough" circumstance. So that leaves me getting enough donations plus the registration fees, and maybe not even riding in it. So Jenn came up with the idea that maybe we could rent a tandem bike for the ride. IT is around 50 plus dollars a day to rent the bike and we would need it for at least three days. So that means the registration, donations, and then the cost of renting a tandem bike for three days.

So here is the deal, I can either not ride and still have to raise money and what not. Ride solo....if I can. Or we can rent a tandem bike and ride in the event. I wouldn't have to pedal as hard going up some hills and I would definitely be able to cost going down them.

I am not opposed to riding a tandem, it is just the cost of everything that makes me a little leery of the idea. So I have put up a poll on what I should do. Ride the tandem, ride solo on a road bike, not ride at all, or just make sure I'm drunk. Give me some feed back yo!

This is pretty much the bike I would rent.

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1 comment:

j e n n said...

I think riding tandem would be fun!!

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