Friday, November 21, 2008

gooble wooble, fast Friday, Snot and Tears oh my

So Jason got to the update before me, but I thought I would go ahead and post it up too. Brian sent out the email yesterday and I didn't have time to post it at work, and really didn't feel like it after work. This is what he had to say....these are his cross alleycats that will be going on through out the winter months....

Race sunday.
What: First alleycross of the series
Time: 8 pm
Day: Sunday
Start: Lamar Ped Bridge
Fee: $5
Prizes: First Place: 75% of the money, plus something nice (if 20 people show up, that's $75!)
Second Place: 15% of the loot and something smaller but nice
Third Place: 10% of the fees, and something crappy. hehe Kidding.
Everyone else: a really fun ride with friends
Chance of rain: 30%
Chance of fun: 100%

He also gave a date for the gooble wooble race that is but on by Brent Nutting

Just forgot to remind about this. Gobble Wobble. I haven't gotten more info or a flyer or anything from Nutt yet, but I will pass it on as soon as I know. Olde Skool Austin style alleycat on a time limit. You will smile, guaranteed.

I mean shit, do I need to make up a flyer for this shit or what????

So that is it for now, I gotta get back to work...I'll try and post something later....oh and as far as the Snot and Tears alleycat check the post I posted yesterday or the other day.

One last thing,

til next time


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