Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worst of Craigslist ATX missed connections

This is always a little fun. A little different this time. Enjoy.

Massages for great bike! (south Austin)
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Date: 2008-06-03, 11:58PM CDT


I'm a licensed massage therapist who would give 4 massages ($70 value each) in exchange for a bicycle in great shape. First come, first serve pretty much, or best offer. If interested, please email me directly. Thank you.

Peace and love.

Why don't you just do four massages at an office building, and pay for a bike? I mean that is your profession right?

I almost hit you with my car, you on your bike - w4m - 22 (hyde park)

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Date: 2008-05-29, 12:18AM CDT

Not sure what the intersection was, but it was somewhere around 52nd and guadalupe... There was one of those circular medians in the middle of the intersection that you have to go around. I was driving a dark grey yaris, you on your bike, i saw you and hit my brakes, we made eye contact and smiled, I was pretty embarrassed. I had a friend with me. We should go bike riding some time.

So let me get this straight. You almost hit someone on their bike and then you want to go for a ride?

Death of a Blue Peugeot - w4m - 24 (Central)
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Date: 2008-06-03, 1:08AM CDT

To the kind, beautiful guy who laid my bike to rest at the Bicycle Sports Shop- Thank you. It was (almost) a bearable loss because of you.

I like a peugeot's as much as the next guy, but they are quite easy to put down.

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