Thursday, June 5, 2008

Something interesting

As some of you may know I am restoring an old Schwinn cruiser. Jenn had found the bike along time ago in a pond and thought it was cool. I ended up taking over the project. I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, and I forgot to take some of it while it was in it's original state before I started the process. Check back later and I will add some pictures (to this post, if you care to see) of how it is coming along. While I was sanding down the bike, I found the serial number and I was curious to what year the bike was made. Jenn went to the Schwinn website and found out when it was "born". Turns out the bike I have was born on April 9th 1953. The bike is now 55 years old, awesome.

So after reading the website, I found what I think some interesting facts.

In 1899, Paced by a locomotive, Mile-a Minute Murphy is the first man to go... you guessed it... 60 mph

1902, Bicycling is an adult-driven market. A racing bike costs $150 ($27,450 in today's dollars). Time payments are still a long way from reality.

Bicycles are where most advances in machining and metallurgy take place.

Keep in mind these were single speed fixed gears. I'd like to see what kind of fixed gear you would get now a days with that kind of money.

1936, Schwinn presents the "Auto Cycle" Deluxe balloon tire bicycle - featuring the Schwinn full floating saddle and seat post, plus twin headlights and speedometer.

1941, Drafting a race car, French racer Alfred Letourner sets the speed record of 108.92 mph on a Paramount bicycle with 255 gear inches. Now that's pushing a BIG gear.

That gear is fucking HUGE!!!. I would not want to do that, and brake less at that. It reminds me of this video I saw awhile back.

I thought it was a little interesting how fast some of these people have gone on a bicycle before most of us were born.

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- j e n n - said...

your bike was born april 9th, 1953 :)

i'm going to sand down my bike and find its birthday too!!!

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