Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Friday

I don't have to much to say, other than I am going to get drunk tonight, and go see a show. Unwed Sailor is playing tonight at Emo's. If you haven't seen these guys before you should go and check them out. I know this is not a bike related post, but I don't feel like talking about anything bike right now. It gets depressing sometimes knowing that I can't ride.

If you care to know I went to the doctor last week and the X-rays are looking good. I have another appointment on the 23rd and if all goes well, then I might be able to take this brace off. If the doc gives me the approval I will be back on the bike, because I am just a few steps away from having the cruiser done. If he does in fact give me the thumbs up I will ride, but I will do it with the brace on, that way I am less likely to injure myself more.

Alright, if you made it this far, here is some bike porn for you.

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- j e n n - said...

the chic at the end is super classy!!

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