Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Jackass, A F-350, A Hit and Run, A Bear, oh my....

So recently, it seems that more and more people are not paying attention to cyclist on the road. Maybe it is the heat, maybe it is the fact that they are inconsiderate assholes.

Jenn was riding south (in the bike lane) on Plesant Valley, and some jackass in their car started honking several times and as they were passing by, they opened their car door and almost hit her. I mean what is the point of that? It is not like she was in their way or taking up the whole road. Really what is the point. I don't get it. People who do this need to be punched in the dick and shot in the face.

It was also brought to my attention, that one of my friends was recently hit by a F-350. F350 one, cyclist zero.

imagine buy a ticket to go to new york and visit some friends everything is going great, you make a good amount of money at work over the weekend, you buy yourself some new cycling shorts and a pimped out jersey and then end up underneath the front end of an F350 with your face breaking the fall on the front of this guys cast iron custom cattle guard.

back wheel of my bike.....destroyed.

my teeth......destroyed.

my pride......well its a little fragmented but its probably gonna fall apart only to be rebuilt later in the future.

Luckily, Cloyd seems to be alright.

im lucky to be alive helmet saved my life and when i hit the the cattle killer the driver had come almost to a complete stop. the impact with which my head hit the concrete shattered the back of my helmet and aside from a gash on my knee and a couple shattered teeth im fine. sore as shit

It is getting really tough to think that Austin is a "bike friendly" city. It seems that with the rising gas prices people in their cages are more pissed off at cyclist at gas prices then at the oil companies. Instead of maybe trying to find another means of transportation, lets just hit cyclist and be pissed off at the world. A about a week ago a cyclist was hit on South Congress at 8 am.

Police are looking for the driver in a hit-and-run involving a cyclist in South Austin.

Amy McNair was riding her bike south along South Congress Avenue when she was hit from behind near the intersection of Annie Street about 8 a.m. Saturday.

"There was screeching, and I knew that it was too close to me," McNair said. "I just remember hearing a really loud impact, lots of pain."

McNair opened her eyes to see a white car speeding away. Her body is scraped and bruised and so is her cycling gear. The impact with the car split the frame of Amy's back tire in half.

This is just getting ridicules.

Now on a lighter note, this is a little funny, but scary at the same time.Bicyclist Going 45 MPH Hits Bear In Boulder Co. A cyclist in Boulder County was injured after a run-in, literally, with a bear.

Tim Egan, 53, was riding on Old Stage Road Tuesday afternoon when suddenly a bear appeared in front of him. Egan hit the bear and ended up skidding across the road.

"This bear looked at me with a look of terror on his face and sort of made a noise," said Egan. "I looked at him with a look of terror and we went, 'aaaahhhhh.'"

I can't imagine what would be going through my mind if I saw a bear in the road and I was about run into it....It would probably be AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! as well.

The rider seems to be ok, considering running into a bear.

He cracked some ribs, suffered cuts on his head and had road rash. Egan said he and the bike flipped and flew over the bear, hitting the pavement hard.

His bike was okay so he got back on it and pedaled to the hospital.

It seems this area is not safe for cyclist or bears.

The accident was the second involving a bear and cyclist in Left Hand Canyon in the past two years. A woman in the Boulder Triathlon ran into a bear in the same area last year.

Just keep an eye out everyone, because no one is looking for you on the road.

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- j e n n - said...

you should add the link to that guys face getting smashed when he tries opening his car door on a cyclist

Anonymous said...

my friend got hit a couple months ago and the guy took off but she found him. it was a really tough time for her but a reporter contacted her about her story and the guy is now being charged with "failure to stop and render aid", which is a third degree felony.

i'm waiting for the link to the story and will post more.


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