Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bike Theft in the ATX

So it seems to be getting more and more rampant. I just received this information from my friend John D. If you have any information about the bikes, please let him know here.

" As some of you may know, 3 bikes went missing from our house last week, 2 of them my own.

They are as follows :
--- large frame (58 cm) yellow Centurion road bike with the Velocity Spartacus wheels and the red acid pedals,
--- 19" red Trek 4500 mountain bike with all the cool components that ive had for 4 years *so many memories...*
---and last, but not, a bike belonging to a friend who had the bike at our place for a cable replacement and a general tune-up was a dark red and silver Giant mountain bike, a smaller frame, maybe 15" or 17"

If you see thes bikes in a pawn shop or wherever, contact me please.

I want to ride again! "




Anonymous said...

Did you mean rampant instead of rapid?

one Les car said...

opps....caught me.

Brandie said...

You write very well.

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