Monday, June 30, 2008

That area's getting more and more dangerous with the bears

Another story of a bear attack, what is going on? I know that we are in their home, but come on....

"A teenage girl riding in an all-night mountain bike race was badly injured early Sunday morning when a bear attacked her on a trail in Far North Bicentennial Park."

The bear ripped off the girl's helmet and flung it in the woods, Basinger said. Sinnott said it was pocked with the bear's teeth marks. Hill said it probably saved the girl from further injury.

Bears frequently walk on Rover's Run, Sinnott said. Most likely, Sinnott said, this bear was fishing for salmon in the creek and might not have heard the cyclist coming due to noise from the creek and from strong winds roaring through the forest.

I hope she makes it through. If I am every up in that area, I will be sure to stay away from the trails, and hopefully not run into one.

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