Monday, March 10, 2008

Worst of Craiglist ATX #3

Since I have written anything, but that is not the case anymore. So since this is my first blog back from hurting my wrist, I figured I would start it back up with the worst of craigslist.

Pink Peugeot! You'll LOVE IT!!!!!! - $250
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Date: 2008-03-10, 11:30AM CDT

I have this bike, it is beautiful. people will stop you to tell you how beautiful it. they will also leave notes on your bike to tell you how beautiful it is. i know, because this has been my bike for some time.

Oh really?? Just how many people told you that your bike was beautiful?

you can even put a crate on the back for your groceries, i did!

Well good for you!!! Is that what they use those milk crates for? I thought it was for putting you dead baby back there.

So what we have here...again is someone trying to sell a very old POS for a hefty price tag of $250. I would much rather take the 250 dollars and buy this bike.

50's Model Western Flyer - $700
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Date: 2008-03-09, 8:46PM CDT

WOW!!! $700!!! What a steal. I mean I can actually buy this bike for seven hundred dollars? I would much rather purchase this old western flyer and pay the shipping cost then buy this one.

VOLLUME "BLACK SHEEP" European bottom bracket complete bike worth over - $7
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Paid well over 7 bills... will sacrafice for $250 freestyle BMX

DK grips white spokes this bike is fully loaded

e-mail me if interested very nice but dusty from the trails

Now I don't doubt that this person put some money into this bike. I would never "sacrifice" $450 dollars.... on a bike that I had invested so much in. Also how long does it take to wipe down the bike to make it look better? I also would want to know more about the bike other than the " DK grips" and "white spokes". What kind of hubs, wheels,seat post, etc.

Some people....



- j e n n - said...

well, i'm painting my bike right now and i'm gonna sell it for $2000. what do you think about that?!?!?!?!

i'd never do that though. i love mustard yellow too much

Anonymous said...

I love how 2 out of the 3 bikes you posted have been flagged. are you the craigslist nazi? your a douchebag!!

one Les car said...

Dear kind sir or madame,

No I am not a Nazi for craigslist, and I had nothing to do with them being flagged. If someone is stupid enough to pay for one of those bikes, then that is their own fault. I on the other hand would not and I was humbly expressing my own opinion, which I thought I was entitled to do. Since this is my blog in all.


one Les car said...

Also, one of them was flagged for removal, and one was just removed by the author. Which that means they might have sold it....or it could have been you who posted that listing and decided to take it off....

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