Friday, March 21, 2008

Arch Enemies

So this posting is coming a little late, but whatever. So lately when I ride, it doesn't mind where or what direction I am riding, it is windy as fuck.I know that when I ride through downtown, all the buildings cause a wind tunnel effect, but shit man. I was riding to work the other day and I was going down the southbound access road, down hill, and it felt like I was riding up hill. Then when I got into downtown I was blown every which direction. I know that I am retarded and ride a gear that most people don't, but normally I don't have any issues, like when the wind isn't blowing 15 to 30 miles an hour. I have been riding the "Black Betty" lately and her ratio is 48x14, and I am actually going to drop it down to 42x14. My other bike is 52x14 and it doesn't give me as much hell as most think. I just have been getting sick of how windy it has been as of recent. Last year this time it was no where as windy as it has been this year.

So with that being said, the wind is one of my arch enemies.

The other is the rain. Now I have a fender and some rain gear, but I still hate riding in the rain sometimes. There are times when it is hot as fuck and some rain will come and cool me off while I am riding, and that is a-ok. I usually enjoy the rain when it is just a pleasure ride, in which I have no where that I am going....just riding. However when I am going to work, and I have to bring an extra set of clothes just so I don't look like I am a homeless person that has been standing in the rain all day and night, it sucks. I know that I am bitching about "mother nature" and I am, but sometimes I just wish shit would let up. I also know that it hasn't been raining as much as normal, but I still don't like it.

I can deal with all the elements that I am given, some of them I just don't really care for. I guess I don't always prepare for them correctly. I guess I can also say FUCK TEXAS WEATHER because it changes so much all the time. When I say change, just give it a few hours and it will be different again. I guess that can be good some times, but fuck the weather here.

til next time



Mike Likes To Ride His Bike said...

Amen on the wind. That shit has been pissing me off. Nothing like riding up all of South Congress with a 20 mph wind in your face the whole way up. Even when the hill finally lets up, it still feels like you're going up hill.

We'll be back to a consistent 90+, no wind, no rain Texas weather soon like, what, three, four weeks?

- j e n n - said...

i hate the wind too :)

but it was pretty nice out today. thanks for riding home with me even though your were exhausted!!


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