Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rambling on and on

So yesterday I rode up north, around the parmer area. The ride was a good one, but the whole ride up there (up hill the whole way) there was a head wind. It was blowing about 10-20 miles an hour. No sooner than I start to ride back downtown, the fucking wind changes direction on me. I REALLY HATE the wind. This isn't what this blog is about though.

I was just reminding everyone that the Drop Dead Alleycat is this coming Saturday. There will be prizes for girls guys and out of first place out of towner. Before the race starts is Frankenbike is doing the ultimate bike swap meet. This is from noon til four. After the race will be a prize ceremony and bike in movie. I haven't decided what movie I will be showing, but if you have any suggestions then let me know. Remeber all the happenings this weekend. The swap meet and race are in the same place(how convenient) 1705 E 5th street at Cafe'Mundi.

See ya all there.

It is a beautiful day out there so get off your ass and go ride somewhere...I am.

til next time


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