Monday, March 3, 2008

Pub Crawl

Last night was the Cemetery Cats pub crawl. A1 is back in town and this was his first pub crawl back, we all welcomed him with open arms. The ride started at the Jackalope an then we headed to Mean Eyed Cat, and then to Dog and Duck for pitchers of lonestar for 5 bucks and some damn good burgers and fries. After this we started to head up to draught house. We were on medical parkway and Casey was jumping over curbs on the way, and landed his forth jump just a little wrong. He face planted into the ground and knocked out three of his teeth and cut his jaw. They gave him seven stitches in his mouth and he is going back today to get an x-ray to make sure that he didn't mess anything else up. The pub crawl pretty much ended after that because we all headed over the hospital (which was right there thank god) to get Casey taken care of.

So this brings me to get on my soap box. All the rides that we all go on are supposed to be fun and bring people together. Now on critical mass everyone has been doing a good job of keeping the group together and corking intersections so that everyone stays together. Same thing with the pub crawls. What I would like to see is just that. What I don't want to see is a rider go down. I don't want to sound like a parental figure or anything to that nature, but if we are drinking on a pub crawl or any other group ride, lets not do tricks of any kind.No skidding, no jumping gaps, no dangerous riding of any sort. Which means no swerving between riders or around cars. I just don't want riders to go down. So I think that it is best that if we lay down some rules so that we can prevent accidents happening in the future.

Now onto something else. I would like to ride down to San Marcos this weekend. If anyone would like to join me...lets do it!!! I will be riding fixed the entire way and a stupid gear ratio at that. So if it takes me a minute to get up the hill just wait for me a second, I'll eventually make it up.

Also, the Drop Dead Alley cat is in full swing. I have a couple of shops that are hooking me up with some goods. So make sure all y'all funky people get off Saturday March 29th to come and race, or just have fun watching all the crazy cyclist. The entry fee is five dollars and starts at Cafe' Mundi. There will be cash prizes, prizes for the ladies that race and for first out of towner. If you want to volunteer to be one of the check points please send me an email to or I need a few more folks to volunteer. Also afterwards there will be the award ceremony and bike in movie at Treasure City Thrift.

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Jason said...

I'm more inclined to offering ride suggestions, but of course this is your ride so you get to make the rules. Everyone's an adult and is responsible for their own (sometimes foolhardy) actions. I don't want to see anyone getting hit by cars or taking other people out but curb jumping and such is fun. Sometimes (when it's clear) I do it. If you don't want it happening on your ride, right on. I just don't like the idea of mandating a specific level of allowed danger. Hell, riding a bike in the street can be dangerous. Riding without brakes can be dangerous. Riding without a helmet can be dangerous. Is that the next rule?

I've seen competent riders jumping curbs and speed bumps on Critical Mass and other group rides without presenting any danger to themselves or others. If someone specific is causing a problem and needs a talking to I think that's something the riding group can work out. I guess it's just the "rules" thing that rubs me wrong. I hate to see anyone go down but once a safety level is mandated due to an accident it seems like it's just a mishap or two away from becoming an ACA ride with a beer or three and less funny clothes.

one Les car said...

I don't like the fact of rules either, I just want it to stay a fun ride and no one get hurt. I am not saying that people can't come if they don't follow a set of "rules" I just want people to become more aware of not doing something that could injure themselves or someone else. The swerving I was talking about is our friend stallone...he is always swerving (on purpose) when he gets drunk and almost took out Jenn one night.

I wasn't trying to make it sound like a set of rules were being thrown down, just that I want everyone to have fun and be safe. I hate taking people to the ER or calling an ambulance for them or just seeing them fall.

I will promise you this...a Cemetery Cat pub crawl will never be a ACA ride!!!!! ;) They will always stay fun and you can drink as much as you want, just be responsible when doing it.

eth4n0l said...

San Marcos on Sunday? You might check out the Austin Flyers ride out of Bicycle Sportshop south; the racer group tacks on a few extra miles and pushes down there.

Of course, the racer group is just that, and I can barely hang on...

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