Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CrossClub #10 and #11

Jason over at ATXBS beat me to the punch this morning, but it still needs to be posted again so some of you go. I know it is going to be raining, but that's what makes this all so awesome!!!

Brian, you're a beast.

1) I would really recommend wearing a helmet from now on. I'm not going to demand it *yet*, because I know some of you are really concerned about keeping your hair pretty. In the near future - it will be a requirement.
2) Do NOT wear tight jeans. For two reasons - wet and barriers. If you, for some reason, HAVE to wear tight jeans, do NOT bitch about being wet, cold, or embarrassed because the barrier made your crotch rip out. While I'm not a big fan of cutoffs, they make more sense, functionally, than jeans do. You will thank me later.
3) Get some lights. There are reasonably priced options out there. Seriously.
4) Get some decent tires. Also out there. If you're a real bargain shopper, you can get 5 tires for $30, like I did this weekend. If not, you can get good wire bead tires for ~$20-30 a piece at a lot of shops.
5) Bring a friend. For real. If you bring me people, and continue to be stoked, I promise that I will keep doing this year-round.
6) Important for tomorrows race ONLY - you will need a little bit of storage. Jersey pocket should be sufficient, just something.

Cross Club #10 aka The Noah's Ark Race
Date: 4/30/2009 (That's this Thursday!)
Time: 8 pm
Start/finish: Lamar Ped Bridge
Distance: In the 10-18 mile range
Cost: $5
Prizes: Yes
Slop: God, I hope so.
Advice for homework: Know the Shoal Creek trail. KNOW IT. I'm done holding hands, my friends. Time to step it up.
Added Bonus: A copy of Cyclocross Magazine to the first 20 attendees - spectators and racers.

Cross Club #11 aka The first one with barriers

Date: 5/3/2009 (That's this Sunday)
Time: 6 pm
Start/finish: Undisclosed at this time - likely NOT at the ped bridge
Distance: Probably "sprint" distance. That does not mean drag racing, just probably short and vicious.
Cost: $5
Prizes: Probably so.
Slop: Should be a total nightmare if it really T-Storms for the rest of the week. At least it will be warm-ish. hehe
Advice: Get a lot of sleep and carb up. I'm throwing a wrench in the works this time. It's time to see what everyone's really got.

THere you have it out there tomorrow and cheer all the crazy racers on!!!

Hopefully this will be you... and I get to see the aftermath!!

til next time


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