Tuesday, November 3, 2009

race report....with update

So thanks everyone for coming out to the race!!!! I had a blast, and I hope you did too. The free food and beer definitely make everything a lot better. Daniel from thyneighborsbike took some great pics of the start of the race and of the prize ceremony. I'm sure he is still uploading a few, so be sure to check back to his blog for more pics to come.

I am also still waiting to get some pics from some other folks, so be sure to check back for that as well.

So if you were not at the race, it started at AustinBikes. I made everyone take their shoes off and make a dash for them and then back to their bikes. I know I got a bit of hate for it, but you know I am going to do something to you at the beginning of my races.

Below are a couple of pics that Daniel and James took….

Again, I am still waiting for some pics to be sent to me during the race and the prize ceremony, but here is what I have for now.

James just sent me a link to some of the pics he was able to capture...below are a few....

Route planning...

Russell and Angel…. as Maverick and Goose,they got fifth overall and they also won best costume.

Frye, got first overall, the wheels were donated by Austin Bikes.

Ali, got second overall, and won a limited edition bag from Crumpler

Whetstone, got first fixed, and won a custom made bag from Psyclist: Subversive Cycling

John, got second fixed, and won a Crumpler

Jasmine, got second ladies, and won a rad bag from Crumpler

That is all I have for right now, hopefully I will have more pics of the race and the prize ceremony.

BIG shout out to all the sponsors for helping make the race bad ass as well.

til next time


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j e n n said...

awesome! awesome! awesome! I had a freakin' awesome time!!!

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