Thursday, November 5, 2009

Actions speak louder then words....

So I posted this awhile back when it first happened(but I can't find my effin post), and many other people have posted this in their blogs and facebook accounts since the verdict was given out. But in case you haven't heard.....the Dr. was found guilty.

This is a sigh of relief for any cyclist following this story. We all encounter motorist everyday that in some way effect our lives, they don't think twice about it, but it stays in our thoughts throughout the day. You can look at the craigslist rants and raves on a daily basis and see the internet tough guys post about their frustrations with cyclist. Most of these people are tough guys who would never act out like they say they will.

There are those though, who are mentally unstable that may just act out on their feelings, which would leave most of us in the hospital. The bicycling website blogger Bob Mionske brought up a good point in his latest blog he wrote.

Bob said,

It may sound ludicrous to our ears, but that was how he attempted to portray the incident. The question at hand was whether the jury would also think it ludicrous, or whether it would be swayed by the doctor’s standing in the community, and the negative image of cyclists held by many motorists.

This leads me to think about myself with all the things that has happened to me and all of my friends that ride here. This accident seemed to spawn from one of the cyclist throwing the one fingered salute up, which we all do. The drivers that come to close to us, who almost hit us, who honk their horns at us, and spew hate as they drive by, they all deserve the universal sign of FUCK YOU.

But what if the motorist that deserves that "fuck you" is someone like the good ole Dr. or a good ole boy in his big pick up that wants to teach us a lesson?

This is a direct quote from the Dr. at the scene of the accident

Thompson said that he was “tired” of the cyclists on Mandeville Canyon Road, and “I wanted to teach them a lesson.”

Which makes you think about all the cycling accidents here in Austin, and how many of are accidents. This happened right in front of my apartment complex. I ride Parmer lane often, and it has a HUGE shoulder to ride on, and I really doubt that the cyclist were in a lane that goes 60+ miles an hour.

This could be any road that we travel everyday. Dr. Thompson's attorney says that this was “an unfortunate accident.” What is an unfortunate accident, is something that is just that, an accident. Not something that was intentional. Dr. Thompson's actions, were not an accident. Which leads right into this, in some cases cycling fatalities/injuries may be, but this isn't the first time the Dr. has encountered cyclist and had "something to say/prove/teach" to them.

I think most of my friends that are cyclist, do the right thing when it comes to cycling, yeah, we may not stop at every single stop sign, or every single light, but neither do most motorist. My problem with most motorist is that they play the card of all cyclist don't follow the law, we all know that this is not the case. Just because a few bad apple rotten, doesn't mean the whole bunch is. The same can be said for motorist as well.

I guess the point of writing this post is, we are always going to be scrutinized for the actions of ourselves or other cyclist. The new 3ft law is not always going to protect us. We need to protect ourselves, and be aware of our surroundings (I know we all are). No one is going to look for us, so we have to look for them. If you do get close to being hit/buzzed/shit thrown at you/called names/cut off, just remember, someone like Dr. Thompson, may behind the wheel. So try and keep those middle fingers down, and lets show the motorist, that WE ARE BETTER THEN THEM.

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j e n n said...

I concur! Nicely written, les!!

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