Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More media attention

Yesterday Jason and I (Mo today) posted blogs about the cyclist that was hit in front of Doc's on May 4th. Well, it got a reporters attention over at KEYE. This is where you can go to read the story.

This is what really gets me....

“I really left it in the police hands, when I was taken away (in the ambulance),” said Solorzano. “I figured there were so many people there, there's no way they couldn't have gotten the whole story.”

Now, without a report or investigation from police, Solorzano and Shefman started a campaign asking those witnesses to come forward, to help piece together what they say really happened the evening of May 4th.

We have to get on the news just to try and get the cops to do THEIR jobs? This is total BS.

Again, if you have any information please let Lenore, or I know.

til next time


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