Monday, May 18, 2009

Fast Folks Grand Opening and other stuff

I had fun at the Fast Folks Grand Opening!!! Good people, good times. Les and I actually won something form the raffle!! WOOHOO!! Free beer, margaritas, all that good stuff!!!

As for the other stuff, we're going to be hosting another Bike Wash pretty shortly. This time, we're trying to raise a little bit of cash to help Les and I out in our fundraising efforts for the Tour de Cure. We're almost to our minimum donation of $150 each, and we would love a little help out on the lodging/transportation services to San Antonio. I'm not sure when (
I know it will be next week sometime) or where (we're scoping places out) this will be held, but we'll keep everyone posted.

Just in case you want to be friendly,
you can help Les out.

Until next time,

Ride Safe

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