Thursday, August 28, 2008

worst of craigslist #7

Ok so I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I figured I would.

56CM Vintage Schwinn Varsity Fixie - $650 (Hyde Park)
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Date: 2008-08-28, 11:16AM CDT

I have a custom orange and white fixie bike I am parting with. The fiancĂ© says I have to get rid of one if I bring another in. I guess it isn’t too much to ask for considering we have 6 bikes. This bike is one of the best you will find. First, it is a 70’s all steel frame (can’t break em even if you want to). I have shaved off every single brake line and have torched off the kick stand and have welded back a smooth finish so there are no unnecessary components. It is truly the ultimate minimalist bike. I had the frame powdercoated in orange and the fork powdercoated in white. The wheels are Wienmann Deep-V 700C white rims with white hubs. The rear hub is a flip flop just in-case you want to be free from the fixed gear and want a single speed. It has bullhorn handlebars with white coark grip tape and a track front brake. The orange brake line is from a shop in the UK (trying to find one in the US is impossible). It even has the original white Schwinn headbadge. Every detail has been thought of on this bike and it is an eye-catcher on the streets! I probably spent close to a $1000 and a ton of man hours in the shop welding it. $650 is a scream for this custom ride and I will stay firm at this price.

Alright, so this person says they spent close to a 1000 dollars and a ton of man hours. Well I don't see were the 1000 dollars came from. First powder coating you can get done for about a buck fifty. Second, the wheelset for 200, if you shop around. Third the frame you can almost get from anywhere, it isn't that special of a frame. There is nothing custom about the bike other than it is orange. You can find many other "fixies" for cheaper that look about the same, minus the paint. Asking 650 for something that you can build yourself for way cheaper is a scream itself.

Fixie 53 or 54 cm...good for campus - $160 (austin)
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Date: 2008-08-28, 9:47AM CDT

needs a little work, but she rides smooth... the only problem is the handlebar stem needs replacing (it's so-so right now, but i just uhhh... taped it into place), but thats pretty cheap and easy if you head over to yellowbike or something...

otherwise, it's a nice bike needs a good home. I just bought it for 160$ last week and decided after many years of riding them, that I don't want to ride a fixie around come and get it for 160$, anytime today is fine.. im in east austin off of manor rd.

I guess my main issue with this bike, besides being ugly as hell is this.

I just bought it for 160$ last week and decided after many years of riding them,that I don't want to ride a fixie around anymore...

Really, you rode them for years, and know exactly what a fixed ride is like, but you chose to purchase a shitty bike and then turn around and sell it for the same price because you just don't want to ride fixie anymore? So why did you really buy it? I haven't seen this beaut on CL at any point in time. Did you buy it really dirt cheap or have it given to you and are trying to flip it? If so that is totally fine, but the reason you give is just retarded.

OnGuard Mastiff and Beast Chain Locks (input please) (Austin)
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Date: 2008-08-27, 11:54AM CDT

I am wondering if anybody has experience And/Or knowledgable input/feedback on those On-Guard Mastiff and Beast Chain-Link locks ...
The bike shop i go to has those locks priced Higher than U-locks....

They look Extremely Heavy Duty and have that $3501.00 Anti-Theft Protection plan ...

Any input would be appreciated, thanks

I emailed them and told them this.

Go to home depot and buy their biggest chain and heavy duty lock. That is going to run you around 2o bucks. Or you can pay this.

I'm so sick of seeing this.

bicycle engine kit - $325 (austin)
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Date: 2008-08-24, 7:52AM CDT

New bicycle engine kit 4-stroke 40cc. chain drive, easy to install. Call 512-542-**** for more info.

What is the point of having a BICYCLE, if you are going to put a motor on it. Get a fucking scooter. (sorry Stallone, you have since redeemed yourself buying that 29'er)

Seriously, one of the best reason's to ride a bike is the exercise and the fact that you get to see things that you normally wouldn't see, because you are just flying by.

I dunno, maybe I am being a little jaded, but it is my blog, and I get to have my own opinion on things.

til next time



McChris said...

You said powder-coating for a frame is only $150. I haven't looked into it, so I'll take your word for it. I'm writing to ask if there's a shop you can recommend?

one Les car said...

mcchris, You can usually check craigslist and find it for cheap. I got quoted 125 for one of my bikes by this guy. There are also a few more that are on there that you can check out.

Good luck.


cccc said...

my car has an engine.

my bike does not.

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