Friday, August 29, 2008

Us vs Them

No I am not talking about the pink floyd song. I am talking about cars vs bikes. I know that everyday we cyclist have to deal with a fair amount of cars flying by us as if we're not there. Sometimes it can seem a bit much. What I cannot stand, or stand for is when a car full of teenagers decide to throw full bottles of water out of their speeding Volvo at me.

Well that is is exactly what happened to me yesterday. I decided to ride out to the lady's job and give her a surprise visit. On my way I was on Barton Springs road, heading west. I was in front of Austin Tri Cyclist and a Volvo with three teenage douche bags and one slut almost hit me and the front passenger throws his full bottle of water at me. I take off in full pursuit, because as many of you know I can't stand that shit. As I duck down and start pedaling my ass off, they see me in full chase and start to speed off even faster, swerving in and out of traffic. They get stopped at the light on Lamar.

I am the little person and the silver Volvo is the silver box and the red one is the car in front of them. Our light was red and the north bound traffic was going north. The kids saw me coming up and fast, so they started reeving their engine and tried to get around the car in front of them to go. I yelled at them and said why did you throw shit at me? If you want to throw something at me, be a man and get out of the car. At this point they were being typical teenagers and started running their mouths off. This pissed me off even more and I told them to pull over, this is when they driver started to pull away, and then the guy in the back passenger seat decided to stick his head out of the window and said, "you fucking faggot, get on the sidewalk".

This kind of shit bothers the hell out of me. I was riding minding my own business not even taking the whole lane, which I can do, and shit gets thrown out of a speeding vehicle that almost hits me. I know that cyclist piss motorist off, but we have a right to be on the road, just as much as them. I really wish that everyone on the road would have at least some common courtesy for the other people on the road.

til next time



cccc said...

we need to start this bicycle coalition... and not just some name to keep things tidy.. something that will actually do some good for cyclists in austin.

lets do it!

Joe D said...

Yeah, they were jerks, but what exactly were you trying to accomplish by chasing them? If you'd caught them, what would you have done?

It would have been better to just get their license number and then file a police report. Not because anything would be done about it, but because when they throw something at the next biker, hitting them in the head and causing them to wreck really badly, they won't be able to claim that it was just an accident.

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