Monday, May 19, 2008

It's been awhile

Alright, so I have been basically laying around since the first of the month. As many of you know that is when I was ran of the road by an older gent in a '85 dodge ram van.

The police report was not very forgiving, at least on my end. It stats that I was traveling at an un-controlled speed and that my bike didn't have brakes. Well, as far as the un-controlled speed, I was going down hill, but I had enough control to make a 90 degree turn and avoid getting hit by a old van. This was according to the eye witness report, that the van actually didn't hit me. The no brakes thing, MY BIKE IS FIXED GEAR, the drive train itself is the braking system. As many of you know I like to ride the higher ratio, but I had actually two days prior changed my gear ratio to 40x14 which is about the same as 48x16. So that means I was skidding my ass off to slow down so I didn't run into the dumb ass that decided to turn right in front of me, after passing me.

So now I have to get a lawyer to help me try and get some money to cover all of the hospital bills that I am going to have. This sucks ass. Before I even left the hospital I had a bill for more than three thousand dollars, and this is with insurance. It would have been for more than seven thousand without insurance. I just await all the bills that are slowly coming in that I will have to start paying on.

Since I am not really able to work, my job has cut my pay in half, which means (of course) I have less money to pay bills with. Now this is a lot better than not getting any money from my job while not working, it still sucks to know that this wreck is going to cause me to get in debt really quick.

So my days are now spent laying around in bed and thinking about how much it sucks that I can't really go and do anything. Can't work, because I can't stand for to long, can't ride, because of fear of getting hit while having this back brace on and it screwing my back up even more, not to mention, I just can't ride. I can't go for a walk, because doing it for to long kills my back, unless I take about 4 vicadon before going, but that in turn makes me dizzy, which might make me fall over. Even going to the grocery store sucks... I used to not want to go, but now I do, just to get out of the house. Over all this just sucks big donkey balls.

So what I have decided to try and do is restore one of the old 50's beach cruisers that I have. I have been wanting to do this for some time now, but haven't really had the time. I am doing this one because I want to, and two, because when I finally can ride again, I think that it will be good for my back to be as straight as possible and not lend over trying to be as aerodynamic as possible. I will be taking everything apart and sanding it down little by little. I know this because I know that I am only going to be able to do a little at a time, because of my back. What I really want is to get a new set of wheels for it since it is going to be damn near impossible to sand down some really old wheels that are covered in rust. I mean the bike was found in a pond.

The bike is originally black with white wheels and some whit pin stripes. I am not sure if I want to keep the stripes. I think that I am just going to have an all matte black cruiser with a black wheelset and some whitewall tires. I will try and keep you updated with the restore process.

On another note, I was supposed to be riding in the tour de cure this past weekend. Obviously I wasn't able to, but Jenny took my place. She rode 58 miles from San Marcos to Austin in just under four hours. I was really proud of her. I hung up some banners and congrats stuff all over her apartment. She also did the ride on her SS, the only reason she didn't go fixed is because her lock ring was loose and didn't want any problems out of it. So the next time you see her, tell her congratulations!!!! She did something that most people will never do in their lives.

Also thanks to everyone who donated money for the ADA for this ride. My goal was $150 and I was able to raise $250!!! Again, thanks to everyone.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent me get well soon cards and baskets and for coming to visit me while I was in the hospital. It really does mean alot.

One last thing, the Midnight Ridazz ride is tomorrow night It is eighties rock star themed, so go dressed in your best eighties rocker and ride!!!! The ride starts at nine at Donn's Depot. I will try and make it, but I would be driving a car and that is a real pain in the ass with this brace on.

til next time


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