Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bike wash and things that piss me off

So yesterday was the bike wash to try and help raise some money for me since my hospital bills are so much and I just lost my job. A lot of my friends came out to get their bikes washed or a glass of lemonade. There were quite a few people that I didn't know that Jessica works with and knows. Also a few people just happened to be riding by and they stopped to donate some money and get there bikes washed too.

Overall it was a success and I am glad a everyone came out. It was nice to be out of the house (even if I did get a little sun burned) and see all of my friends and have a beer or two with them. Once everything is said and done, I will do something special for everyone.

Now onto some stuff that really upsets me to no end.

First, even though this didn't happen in the states, this is the kinds of things that we cyclist have to deal with on a daily basis.

Furious driver takes out- 50 strong cycle pack

This story makes me sick to my stomach. The fact that this guy could do something like this is baffling. I mean it is not like it was critical mass and all the lanes were taken up. This was a ride that "professional" cyclists were doing. They were following all the rules of the road, and this guy has to be aggressive to the back of the pack.

"One of the group said the motorist was "worrying" the rear of the pack"

Then he once he had enough with the back of the pack he,

"Pulled in front and slammed on his brakes, giving the riders no time to stop."

WTF!! I mean seriously. What was the purpose of that?

"Everyone's slammed into each other ... there were broken bikes - wheels busted and wheels snapped - and people lying on the road."Mr Cooper said: "Three female cyclists took the brunt of the accident, careering into the back of the braking vehicle, several of them being thrown into the air landing on the boot and roof of the car."Most riders were left with cuts and bruises and at least some damage to bikes, shoes and helmets, including some bikes sustaining thousands of dollars of damage".

This whole situation had me in an up roar when I was reading it. As I continued to read I just got more and more upset, one of the other things that pissed me off,

"A perfect example of the enmity were the jeers and taunts of several drivers - more than three separate drivers that I noticed - making their way past the aftermath of the accident, despite the fact that a police car and two ambulances were on the scene treating seriously injured people."

These cyclist have thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage, all because of one jackass. Then you have the taunting assholes driving by while people are being treated for injuries. This is absolutely retarded. No one should have to fear for their lives when riding their bikes. Now it seems that we have to watch out for people when we are in groups. I always felt really comfortable with the " safety in numbers" Now it seems I might have to starting worrying about being harassed even more when I am riding in a large group, or even worse being hurt.

Now, something else that upsets me is hit and runs. There is no reason this should happen. If you are drunk or high or not paying attention or anything, and you hit someone, you should stop. Period. This story, is equally bad.

When are people going to just start paying attention to their surroundings, and stop being so angry?

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