Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Alleycat

Hey kids, it is getting closer to that time. The race is going to be a blast. It will start at Austin Bikes and end somewhere that will be disclosed at the start of the race. The race will start at promptly 7:06. The entry fee is $6.66, but it is a suggested donation of $10, all proceeds go to YBP.

Bring you fast bike and a camera or a cell phone camera. If you don't have one, ask to borrow one from someone (I have an old cell phone camera someone can borrow) hell you can go here and get one for super cheap!!!! There will be some Wahoo's for everyone who races (yes there will be veggie taco's as well) and beer too.

I unfortunately had some sponsors drop from the race, but I added some in their place. There will be plenty of prizes to go around, including best costume. So come dressed up in something that will be comfortable to race in.

Remember, this race benefits Yellow Bike Project. They finally have broken ground. Let's help them secure some more funds to get our local bike co-op up and running again.

The race shouldn't last to long, so you will still have time to drink some beers and get cleaned up if you're going to any halloween parties later that evening. Even though we're close now, I will post something else a little bit later with finalized sponsors. You should start seeing some flyers and posters around town soon.

til next time


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