Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Police in CapMetro Buses

By now, I'm sure all of you have heard about APD's plans to hop on Cap Metro buses and begin ticketing aggressive drivers. As of now, they plan on only partolling all major highways in Austin, but I'm sure this will spread to the downtown arteries as well. As of now, no one has mentioned anything about them handing out tickets to pedestrians or cyclists, but I'm sure it's part of their plan.

Just a friendly reminder to be smart and safe on your bike.



Maureen Grady said...

thanks for the heads up, jenn!

Daniel said...

in nyc the cops used to have a number of taxi cabs they would ride around in undercover, lets hope it doesnt come to that

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me if this undercover sting thing just grows and grows. Apparently, APD was riding in some 18-wheelers last week doing the same type of thing. I understand trying to control aggressive drivers, but c'mon now, do we really need to be watched all day?

iam3rik said...

I wonder if this sting is a result of CapMetro drivers complaining? Riding in a bus you see all sorts of sketchy shit. Personally, I welcome the tax revenue, especially if it might teach people a lesson. don't drive like a dick and everyone wins.


j e n n said...

I agree that you shouldn't drive/ride/walk like you own the road and are the only thing occupying that space, but I disagree that cops should be hidden in 18 wheelers and public transportation buses. If they want to be disguised, why not use an unmarked police car? Although you can usually tell unmarked cars from civilian cars when they're right next to you, they have done a fairly good job of removing all damning evidence.

I just hate the idea that we're being watched at all times. boo to that.

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